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Saturday, January 23, 2010

For the lastest on Jesse Watson's solo circumvavigation go to her official website >

Jesse in Dramatic Dash around Tasmania 4/30/2010

Super Jesse Fixed the Wind Charger!

Almost Home   April 21, 2010

Jesse off of WA During Flyover

Jesse Livin Large in the Indian Ocean!

Look where Jesse is now !  April 9, 2010

Jesse is now past Africa !

Bent and Unbowed after Four Knockdowns !

Impending Storm in the South Atlantic

Fantastic Picture as Jesse waves to her Mum and Dad!

All Alone in the Vastness of the Ocean

Anticipation Before Rounding Cape Horn

Jesse Watson and Don McIntyre

It was great to hear about a bird visiting Jesse .
I copied the picture and played with it in MS Office manager.
Maybe someone knows what species it is. Birdicussillius?

Here is a Certificate made for Jesse by Peter from Szeged,Hungary to commemorate her equatorial crossing
It is really a work of art. I hope that Jessica's support team puts a link to it on her site.

This is a special commemorative picture celebrating Jesse rounding Cape Horn
made by the very creative blogger Samurai  of Fremantle, Australia!
You can also see some more art inspired by JWs voyage at