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Saturday, January 23, 2010

For the lastest on Jesse Watson's solo circumvavigation go to her official website >

Jesse in Dramatic Dash around Tasmania 4/30/2010

Super Jesse Fixed the Wind Charger!

Almost Home   April 21, 2010

Jesse off of WA During Flyover

Jesse Livin Large in the Indian Ocean!

Look where Jesse is now !  April 9, 2010

Jesse is now past Africa !

Bent and Unbowed after Four Knockdowns !

Impending Storm in the South Atlantic

Fantastic Picture as Jesse waves to her Mum and Dad!

All Alone in the Vastness of the Ocean

Anticipation Before Rounding Cape Horn

Jesse Watson and Don McIntyre

It was great to hear about a bird visiting Jesse .
I copied the picture and played with it in MS Office manager.
Maybe someone knows what species it is. Birdicussillius?

Here is a Certificate made for Jesse by Peter from Szeged,Hungary to commemorate her equatorial crossing
It is really a work of art. I hope that Jessica's support team puts a link to it on her site.

This is a special commemorative picture celebrating Jesse rounding Cape Horn
made by the very creative blogger Samurai  of Fremantle, Australia!
You can also see some more art inspired by JWs voyage at


  1. Hello Richard, thought you might be interested in checking this out. The bird pictured bears a very close resemblance to Silly. What do you think?

    If Silly is in fact related to this fellow then poor Silly is a long way from home.

    Kind regards,


  2. Hello Sam,
    Thanks for trying to figure this one out. JW's blog is fascinating because it leads everyone to research the areas she is sailing through.

    At first I thought Silly was a Brown Skua or South Polar Skua from the body shape and also from the aggressive behavior relative to JW's windcharger. Skuas attack penguins and steal fish from other birds. Then I saw a post where "Sally in Melbourne" has come up with the bird "Christmas Shearwater" or "Puffinus nativitatis". The color seems closer, and the location is right (Central Pacific Islands). The birds are really similar in color and shape.

    Best regards,

  3. Thank you, Richard,for your most interesting blog site related to Jessica's trip. You have a wealth of knowledge that you describe and post in such an attractive way as if you may be a teacher. I am going to read some of your favorite sea books you have posted. I just watched the 60 min. piece because of your excellent link, and we are delighted to see the beautiful Neptune certificate from the Hungarian fan/artist!

    Thanks, AlbacoreLiaFial in Northern Nevada (don't ask why I'm stuck in the Great Basin, keenly aware that I am 200 miles from the sea).

  4. AlbacoreLiaFail,
    Thanks for your kind words. This is the first blog I have ever created. The Jessica Watson adventure pulled me in and got me hooked.(Or should I have said hooked me and pulled me in!). I looked up where you are. Looks beautiful! You are way out there. I lived in Albuquerque for twenty years and like the mountains and deserts.


  5. Richard, have you seen the 10 minute feature video on Jessica Watson made by ESPN OTL? You may like to add a link to it in your wonderful blog.

    Regards SoloFan, Sydney Australia

  6. Solo Fan,

    Thanks for the excellent link. I posted it under Jessica Watson links in chronological order. Two people from my sailing club just returned from two weeks in Sydney. They had a wonderful time in your city!(And a looong plane trip) I watched Jesse set out from Sydney Heads by watching the Watson's Bay webcam last year.

    Richard W

  7. Solo Fan,

    Thanks also for the compliment!I only started this because of JW.

    Richard W

  8. Richard,

    Another link for you to consider to add to your great JW collection.
    This one is from ABCTV Aus "7.30 Report" from June 2009 and I hope the video works outside Aus.
    What is special about this one is that it features cabin and outside footage of Don McIntyre experiencing 70 knot winds and a knockdown (at 3m 10sec).

    BTW the making of EPL is a great link - thankyou.

    Go Jess & Abby!

    Regards, SoloFan Sydney

  9. Rishard,

    Here is the link I forgot to include ...

    Apologies, SoloFan Sydney

  10. SoloFan,

    Thanks for the link! It's always great to find out more about this amazing adventure.

    Richard W

  11. Hi Richard
    I stumbled on this after you wrote something on Sam's voyageart blog. You have gathered a nicely presented collection of articles etc about Jessica, including a couple I had not seen. This must have taken some time to produce. Well done.
    Tony L (Mt Martha VIC(OZ))

  12. Tony,
    Thanks for the compliment. i thought it would be good to have a place where JW links could be found. Following JWs RTW trip has been an incredible experience. What a trooper!